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Cast Iron Fireplace Installation Tips

Cast Iron Fireplace Installation Tips

Cast Iron Fireplace Assembly You can either: Hire a registered installer who is legally allowed to self-certify that the work

How to use a fireplace to heat your home

How to use a fireplace to heat your home

There’s something about a fireplace within a home that brings a real sense of comfort and homeliness. As well as providing an

Fireplace Insert Guide

How To Use A Fireplace Insert Guide

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How To Use A Fireplace Damper Guide

How To Use A Fireplace Damper Guide

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Fireplace Guide Everything You Want To Know About Fireplaces

Fireplace Guide – Tips and Tricks to help manage your fireplace

Owning a fireplace is a beautiful and practical way of enhancing your home. Who does not enjoy the dry crackling heat of a live wood fire on a cold winter evening? With chopped firewood logs and wrought iron tools to hand, you will feel warm, cozy, and satisfyingly self-sufficient. Whether urban or rural, an open fire brings a calming rustic ambiance to any environment in which it is found. It is no surprise that a fireplace is a welcomed addition to any home. Historically, the hearth was the heart of the American home, where the family could gather, enjoy meals, fellowship, and recreation during snowdrifts, storms or long evenings.

Great fireplace benefits for the homeowner

Aside from the beautiful aesthetic, an authentic fireplace carries other great benefits including:

  • Sustained warmth the longevity of the heat generated from just a couple of logs can see a household through the day and well into the night, unlike electrical or gas-fired heating which has to be switched on or set to a timer.
  • Authentic energy independence, with fire in your home, there is no need for a utility bill to enjoy the warmth.
  • Cheap readily available fuel the abundance of free logs from a freshly felled tree, old wood for kindling or scrunched up newspaper. Your fireplace will make use of it. Also, you can select your wood for whether it is fast or slow-burning, for quick bursts of heat or slow warmth for a cold night.
  • The alternative heat source for cooking meaning you can enjoy endless supplies of s’mores, jacket potatoes or other fireside treats.
  • An alternative source of light during power outages which adds additional utility free resilience to your household.
  • Great smell; people just love the smell of a fireplace, especially when aromatic woods are being burned.